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Pine oil

Pine oil 85%

Bambusparkett Riemen

Source and application

Pine oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation from pine needles, twigs and cones. It consists mainly of cyclic terpene alcohols (terpineols) and is generally supplied with varying contents of terpineols (50%, 70%, 85%) mixed with hydrocarbons.

Pine oil is a mildly antiseptic phenolic disinfectant that is widely available and relatively inexpensive. It is effective against some bacterial strains and certain enveloped viruses. Pine oil is also used industrially in the extraction of metals from ores.


Parameter Units Specification
Density [D204] 0.920 min.
Distilling Volume (V/V)    
   - Temperature range °C 190 - 225
   - % distilling [%] 90 min.
Total Alcohol [%] 85 min.
Moisture [%] 1.0 max.