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Gum rosin

Gum rosin WW-Grade

Bambusparkett Riemen

Source and application

Gum rosin is extracted and purified from turpentine oil that is collected from pine trees. It consists of abietic acids and is widely used in the manufacture of paper, paint, soap, alkyd resins and printing inks, and large quantities of rosin are traded internationally.

Additional markets for rosin include rubber, adhesives, foods, electrical industries, construction materials, metal processing, antiseptics and germicides, and fine chemicals.

Gum Rosin is supplied in X-Grade and WW-Grade. Rosin is packed in steel drums or is supplied as flakes.


Parameter Units Specification
Colour - Pale Yellow
Appearance - Transparent solid
Softening point °C 75 min
min Acid value (mg KOH/g) 165
Unsaponifiable material (%) 5 max
Alcohol insoluble material (%) 0.03
max Ash content (%) 0.03 max